My Trips

My Trip to Europe - Sept 1982

This was the first "real" holiday that I had taken, usually I went home to visit with family.
I did a Bus Camping Tour. Leaving England, visiting France, Monocco, Italy, Austria, Switserland, Holland. All told I was two weeks, it was a great way to get a "taste" of Europe.

My Trip to Tuktoyaktuk - 1981

I had started working for Dome Petroleum in 1977. I left for a year to work for CP Palliser Hotel and then returned to work for the Drilling Department in Dome.
At one time I was processing invoices for close to 70 rigs drilling in the Alberta area.
The economy slowed down and we only had a bout 2 rigs drilling so I was transferred to Canmar, Domes wholly owned subsidiary, working out of Tuktoyaktuk.
I worked as a storeskeeper on Explorer I, one of four drill ships and then transferred to the floating drydock to be their first storeskeeper. I worked for two seasons in the North.

My Trip to Australia - Feb 1982

I had always wanted to visit Australia and now that I was working in "The North" and had the winter off, what better time to visit the Southern Hemisphere?
I was 5 weeks in Australia where I took a Bus camping tour and saw most of the continent.

My Trip to Hawii - Feb 1982

Seeing as I was in the Area.. I did a two week van camping trip on my "stop-over". I missed seeing the "Big Island", starting my tour on Oaho, and then to Lania, with a side trip to Kawia before gong back to Oahia for a few days before returning to Calgary.

My Trip to Costa Rica - Nov 1994

I had a friend that I used to do a lot of camping with and we decided to take a trip to Costa Rica.

My trip to Kathmandu, Nepal March 2002

On Mar 24 2002, I left Toronto for Nepal. A friend of mine was there and I thought that this would be "a chance of a life time" to see a part of the world that I had only read about. I spent about a week in Kathmandu while he finished up his studies, we then spent about 5 days in Bangkok and then flew home.

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