Vehicles that I have owned
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Note, there are no pictures yet for some of the cars!!!"Work in progress"
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55 Ford
This is my first car, I was in the Air Force and away from home for the first time.I purchased it from one of the mecanics on the air base I was stationed on RCAF Base Baldy Hughes, about 27 miles outside Prince George BC
54 Austin A55 I had this at the same time I had the Ford, I sold the Austin to a family I met from the Air Force for their daughter. It was not one of my "wiser" purchases. IT needed a lot of electrical work, but I did enjoy driving it and Lynn got a lot of enjoyment driving it from Prince George to Quesnel where she was taking a nursing course.
61 Austin Westminster Purchased in Prince George BC. I had had the ford for about a year and it was time to move on. One of my brothers came out to PG and drove back to Nova Scotia with me. Not sure how we made it, exhaust was falling off and the light switch stopped working and the overdrive only worked sometimes, tires were worn because front wheels were out of alignment! Sold the car for the new tires.
1963 Chev Corvair Had always "loved' Corvairs. This one was not a "good buy"! The cam shaft was worn so it had no power. Called it my "Rollscanhardly". It would roll down the hill, but could hardly make it up the other side!!
No Pic
1965 Ford Fairlane
Small eight cylinder, automatic. Another "not a good buy", this one had a leaking head gasket!
70 Austin Mini My first "New Car". It was"British Racing Green", it was a "new" colour for the mini. I loved driving the car. I met a friend Dave when I was working in Halifax. He worked for a service garage for British Cars. I sold the mini and moved back to Prince Geroge BC, with a stop over to visit my brother in Churchill MB.
1958 Mercedes Benz 180D Had always wanted a Mercedes Diesel. Purchased in Prince George, moved to Trail BC.
65 Corvair Corsa Always had a love for Corviars, this was my second.
No Pic
64 Volvo 122
I was working for the Volvo dealership, purchased from thier used lot.

Austin 1800
One of those cars I "just had to have"
No Pic
1974 Volvo 142
When I left the Volvo/Mazda dealership to work for the Pulp Mill, I got a good buy on this car new!. Moved back to Nova Scotia in this car.
No Pic
Austin MGB
Traded my Volvo with a friend for his Austin MGB. Sold to my younger brother when I moved back out to Prince George.
No Pic
70 Ford Pickup
I don't remember the year, but do remember that it was a few years old and the gear shift leaver was loose.
77 Fiat 128 Purchased this as a "last year model" so was a good buy. I was living in Prince George at the time. I moved to Vancouver in this car and from Vancouver, I moved to Calgary. My next youngest brother was living in Calgary at the time. I went back for a visit and ended up working for Dome Petoleum.
1970 Renault R4 This was my first real "fun" car. It was bright yellow and had the gear shift coming out of the dash. The suspention was going and when ever I went over a large bump, you would hear a large "Bang"!
No Pic
1978? Mazda 1800
Sold this to purchase the Lada
1982 Lada The Russians invaded and I bought my Lada while living in Calgary, moved to Toronto in 1984 in the Lada. I loved my Lada, it was the longest I had owned a car (4 years), but it was starting to break down. Loved driving my Lada! This is a picture of a Fiat 124 which was what the Lada was copied from.
1986 Honda Civic Wagon Loved my Honda, was never sorry I bought it. Should never have gotten rid of it, but I just HAD to have the Suzuki Sidekick when I saw the ads!
No Pic
1989 Suzuki Sidekick
Saw this vehicle advertised and HAD to have one. Traded my Honda, missed the Honda but was never sorry!
Traded this for the S10 after almost 6 years, sorry I traded it in!!
1994 Chev S10 Pickup I was sorry I bought this vehicle, I had nothing but problems with GM Service departments. I traded it in for another Suzuki at a loss, but was glad I did. Never had a problem with my Suzuki!!
1997 Suzuki X-90 -Pic Bought new, they only made then for 3 years, mine was black. When I moved to Nova Scotia in 2003, a friend took it out for a "test Drive". She has not yet brought it back!!
1996 Suburu Legacy I need something to replace my Suzuki and I was always interested in the Suburu line. I like four wheel drive! My only complaint is that it is too low. Its a long way up when I get out of the car!
1992 VW Vanagon Not one of my "Better buys". Saw it on the VW lot in Truro and "Had to have it". Runs OK, but stalls easy on moveing away from a start!! Let this picture be an indication!!
2008 smart car I have always wanted a smart ever since they brought them out in 2004, they dropped the price for 2008!

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